Welcome to the Bovine Scholarship Network

Hi Everyone, 

A big welcome to the Bovine Scholarship Network. You can access the full network dashboard here: https://hcommons.org/groups/bovine-scholarship-network/ 

The Back story: 

In 2019, I reached out to a bunch of other academics who seemed to be working on “cow geographies” – we had big plans to host a session centered on talking about the theoretical, methodological and empirical connections of cows and geographies at the 2020 American Association of Geographers Conference. COVID hit and plans changed. 

Myself and Andrea Petitt kept the conversation going and, well, here we are!

We hosted our first ever Bovine Scholarship Workshop in October and it was a big success. We decided to keep the workshop small with more time dedicated toward conversation than presentation. We found we had a lot to talk about and there was ample room for thinking through ideas together. 

Part of those conversations involved establishing the Bovine Scholarship Network.

The Network

This platform is new to most of us and while we might take some time to figure it out we thought it might be preferable to having a website or a Listserve. On Humanities Commons we can share content with each other, engage in conversations and write posts like this. If you have ideas as to how we could use this site and platform better, feel free to share them. For now, consider doing the following:

  • Put some of your own writing and journal articles into the CORE Repository.
  • If you want to share some work in progress, calls, etc, make use of the File functions
  • If you want to discuss a particular theme, idea, or anything really – make use of the discussion boards
  • If there are events you think would be useful to the group, pop them into Events
  • And any member can write a blog post! So share, write, comment 🙂

This network is here for us to network, share, and work with each other. It is all still new :). To make full use of Humanities Commons you might want to:

  • Look at your own individual site and consider updating your profile.
  • Make sure to look at what your email settings are
  • Have a look for other groups you might enjoy – like this one called “Animal Studies”. 

Where to from here?

We are in the works of putting together a call for another workshop, more on that to follow soon. Other than that things are fairly open. Perhaps head over to the discussion board if you have some ideas and propositions. 

I look forward to interacting with you all here in more depth!